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Installing Debian Stable ISO to a USB stick


Hi All, The title speaks to what I am ... Just A Guy. A guy who is NOT a tech guru. Not a programmer and definitely not a linux expert. 🤍 for explanation of the different Debian builds. Location of the Debian iso with non-free firmware 🤍 The ISO I downloaded: 🤍 Etcher = Windows and Mac Users (Linux users too) 🤍 for a tool to install an ISO image on a USB stick. Twitter: 🤍

How to install VirtualBox on Debian 9 (64-bit)


This video will show you how to install VirtualBox on Debian 9 Stretch (64-bit). Use the following commands: $ su # apt install gcc make # apt install linux-headers-4.9.0-4-amd64 # apt install linux-headers-amd64 # cd Downloads # dpkg -i virtualbox* # apt -f install You can download virtualbox from here: 🤍 CHECK OUT OUR OTHER YOUTUBE CHANNEL "Distros" -|- Distros CHANNEL: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & SHARE for more Tutorials: -|- YOUTUBE: 🤍 CONTACT: -|- For business inquiries: aminetechchannel🤍

BeagleBoard BeagleBone AI-64 with ARM 64-bit SoC and Debian Linux distribution


This video is sponsored by PCBway: 🤍 BeagleBoard BeagleBone AI-64 is a single board computer with ARM 64-bit Texas Instruments TDA4VM dual-core Cortex-A72 + hexa-core Cortex-R5F SoC, 4GB RAM, 16GB eMMC internal memory and pre-installed Debian Linux distribution. Furthermore this is open source hardware device designed in EAGLE and certified by the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA). This video includes unboxing, review, teardown, getting started and conclusions: 0:00 Intro 1:06 Unboxing 1:46 Tech Specs 5:04 Teardown 6:44 Dimensions 7:43 Software Support 11:14 Using VNC 13:15 Open Source Hardware 14:17 Price 14:57 Conclusions

Unboxing the PinePhone by Pine64! - First look at Mobian (Debian Mobile)


A REAL LINUX PHONE! So I finally purchased a PinePhone. The phone for any and all Linux junkies. In this video I unbox the phone, take a quick look at the preloaded Mobain, mobile debain based, operating system, and talk about what I think so far. I still have alot to learn. Stay tuned for my progress and projects. 🤍 🤍 Allwinner A64 Quad Core SoC with Mali 400 MP2 GPU 3GB of LPDDR3 RAM 5.95″ LCD 1440×720, 18:9 aspect ratio (hardened glass) Bootable Micro SD 32GB eMMC SUPPORT #TECHHUT 🤍 SUBSCRIBE ON LBRY! 🤍 JOIN OUR DISCORD! 🤍 My Workstation (PAID LINKS) RYZEN 7 3700X: 🤍 ASUS PRIME X570-P: 🤍 Phanteks Eclipse P400A: 🤍 GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1650: 🤍 G.SKILL Trident Z Neo: 🤍 WD Blue SN550 1TB: 🤍 Seasonic FOCUS GX-650: 🤍

Como Descargar e Instalar Debian 2021 || Distribución de Linux


Aprende a descargar y a instalar Debian entorno grafico. Link de la iso. 🤍 Conviértete en miembro de este canal para disfrutar de ventajas: 🤍

Debian 11 Bullseye on The Raspberry Pi 4!


You can install Debian 11 Bullseye on your Raspberry Pi 4! This is not Raspberry Pi OS, this is pure Debian! These images are still testing images, so you may encounter some bugs. Overall I had a good experience while using it with the LXDE Desktop environment! 00:00 - Initial Info 01:06 - Performance/Applications 04:20 - Web Browsing/Video Playback 06:10 - Pi-Apps 09:44 - Final Thoughts Download Debian 11 Bullseye - 🤍 Links- 💬 Discord - 🤍 💸Patreon - 🤍 📺 Odysee - 🤍 📱Twitter - 🤍 📹 SlyFox1419 - 🤍

Debian on RockPro64 (video issue)


For the installer a Serial adapter might be mandatory. See: 🤍

Debian. ч54/1. Сборка Debian11_Dark_softinstall. Установка.


Представляю сборку дистрибутива Linux - Debian11_Dark_softinstall. Имеются варианты обеих архитектур, i386 и amd64. Сборка ставится в минимальной комплектации, но после установки, запустив скрипт softinstall каждый может легко до-установить необходимый ему софт из предложенного скриптом. Внимание: Есть новая версия данной сборки. Смотрите крайнее видео по дистрибутиву Debian11_Dark_softinstall. Скачать последнюю сборку Debian11_Dark_softinstall на Degoo Cloud (многотомный архив и хэш) 64х битная - 🤍 32х битная - 🤍 Ссылки на остальные сборки и пакеты настроек на странице моего сайта: 🤍 Ссылка на дубль-канал на Rutube - 🤍 Посильная помощь каналу. Юmoney (Яндекс деньги) - 🤍 Карта Сбербанка - На странице сайта 🤍

Download and Installation of Debian 10.7 - Non-free Drivers


We will overview where to find the full ISO of Debian with non-free (priority) firmware and drivers as well as walk though the Debian install process in a Virtualbox machine. Installing this on hardware will be nearly the same, but you may need to select your network device and connect to WIFI. 🤍 Official GNU/Linux downloads: 🤍 Unofficial non-free image with firmware: 🤍 🤍 Debian is an operating system for a wide range of devices including laptops, desktops and servers. Users like its stability and reliability since 1993. We provide reasonable default configuration for every package. The Debian developers provide security updates for all packages over their lifetime whenever possible. SUPPORT TECHHUT 🤍 SUBSCRIBE ON LBRY! 🤍 JOIN OUR DISCORD! 🤍

Comment installer Debian 11


Dans cette vidéo je vous montre comment installer facilement linux Debian 11 sur votre ordinateur depuis une clé USB. ►ABONNEZ-VOUS 🤍 ►INSTAGRAM: 🤍 ►BLOG: 🤍 ►PLAYLIST INFORMATIQUE 🤍 ►PLAYLIST REPARATIONS 🤍 ▼MON MATERIEL VIDEO▼ •Canon 550d:🤍 •Objectif 18-55:🤍 •Objectif grand angle:🤍 •Micro:🤍 •Trepied:🤍 •GoPro Hero 7:🤍 •Accesoires gopro:🤍 •Smartphone:🤍 •Gorilla pod:🤍 •Monture smartphone:🤍 •Micro cravate:🤍 •Micro voix off: 🤍 •Lumiere:🤍 •Cartes SD:🤍 ►MON MATERIEL DE BRICOLAGE •Perceuse Visseuse: 🤍 •Scie Sauteuse: 🤍 ►MON MATERIEL POUR L'ELECTRONIQUE •Soudure air chaud:🤍 •Fer à souder:🤍 •Pannes:🤍 •Flux:🤍 •Tapis de soudure:🤍 •Outil ouverture:🤍 La plupart des liens vers des produits sont des liens d'affiliations. Si vous achetez quelque chose via ces liens je toucherai une petite commission qui me permettra d'améliorer mon matériel et ainsi la qualité de mes vidéos. Vous ne payez pas plus cher les produits.

Real Debian on the Pi4.( Not Rpi OS)


In this video I show how you can install then I do some tests with Debian on the Pi. This is a 64 bit OS and it's under heavy development. Download link🤍 To login root then enter To install a desktop- apt update apt upgrade apt install xfce4 reboot And enjoy Debian on the Pi! If you would like better videos, more stuff reviewed, and early access to my builds think about supporting me 🤍 This server is about coding and the Pi. So if your interested you should join it.🤍 This is the server that is mainly about ApplePiOS and other Pi related stuff!🤍

Cross compiling for arm or aarch64 on Debian or Ubuntu


In this video I'll explain how to do cross compiling for arm or aarch64 on Debian or Ubuntu. To make the resulting binaries portable, I'll also cover static linking. It’s not always possible to build directly ARM-based devices, especially when they are limited in resources. The majority of build and developer machines are still on x86 and by using a cross compiler, it is possible to build binaries or executables usable on another architecture. For example, to use your standard PC, most likely x86, to build something that is usable on another machine or device that’s on another architecture, for example 32 bit or 64 bit ARM. Contents: - Theoretical explanation for cross compilation - Cross compile of a basic C program for ARM aarch64 - Cross compilation with configure and make (strace) - Static linking and advantages/disadvantages - Cross compiling for ARM using musl (tcpdump). All info discussed and shown in the video can be found well-documented on my blog,, as well. For this video: 🤍

🌀 Cómo INSTALAR DEBIAN 10 "Buster" (BIOS, descargar ISO, grabar USB e instalación LIMPIA)


Video en el cual explico como instalar Debian, una distribución de Linux muy famosa, robusta y sencilla. En el proceso de instalación, será necesario empezar por descargar las ISO de instalación, y acto seguido quemarla en una unidad USB o DVD. En el vídeo explico como quemar la imagen ISO del instalador de Debian en una unidad USB desde un programa que incluye Ubuntu para crear unidades USB arrancables. Una vez esté todo listo, se procede a la instalación, la cual es posible realizarla desde un modo gráfico, asistente el cual irá haciendo preguntas para que el usuario pueda configurar su zona horaria, contraseña, el usuario y el particionado de los discos. En el vídeo muestro todo el proceso de manera amena y simple. 🔗 Enlaces de Interés ⭐ Página Web de Debian: 🤍 ⭐ Versión usada en el vídeo (amd64): 🤍 🔷 Programas para grabar imágenes ISO: 🔸 Para Windows (DVD) 🤍 (USB) 🤍 🔸 GNU/Linux (DVD) sudo apt install k3b (USB) sudo apt install usb-creator-gtk / sudo apt install usb-creator-kde 🔸 Multiplataforma (USB) 🤍 (AppImage) 💜 Suscríbete 🤍 🎩 Apoya el Canal 🤍 ⭐ Twitter 🤍 ⭐ Instagram 🤍 ⭐ Grupo Telegram 🤍 ⭐ Página Web 🤍 🔺 El objetivo de este vídeo (y del canal) es meramente educativo y/o divulgativo en el que se comparte información relacionada con la tecnología, la informática y software. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

The DUEL CentOS 7 x86 64 VS Debian 8 amd64


Article : 🤍 Debian 8.7 vient de sortir pendant ma vidéo, du coup l'ISO que j'ai téléchargée du site ce jour à 21h était encore la V8.6 :(

Installing Debian 11 Linux


One of my fav distros, Debian, is out with a new release, Debian 11. In this video, I'll show you how to install Debian 11, check out various desktop environments available, and customize the system. Chapters: 00:00 Introduction 00:33 Installation Process 03:46 Booting Up For The First Time 04:48 Switching Desktop Environments 06:47 Testing The Webserver 07:18 Customizing Debian 11 Debian Website 👉🏾 🤍 Download Page 👉🏾 🤍 Live Debian 11 Images 👉🏾 🤍

Installare Debian 11 - Il miglior sistema operativo per conoscere a fondo Linux


Nel video di oggi vediamo insieme come installare Debian 11 Bullseye a 64 bit in modalità UEFI per imparare a conoscere a fondo Linux. 🤍 Debian è una delle distro Linux più longeve, versatili e stabili: la prima release risale al 1993, e molte delle distribuzioni attualmente più scaricate come Ubuntu, Mint e elementaryOS derivano da essa. Come da tradizione, Debian 11 adotta il suo codename dal cavallo Bullseye, personaggio della nota serie della Pixar Toy Story. Dal punto di vista della compatibilità hardware, Bullseye è in grado di funzionare su una stragrande quantità di architetture, e fra le più utilizzate abbiamo l’architettura x86 a 32 e 64bit, e le principali piattaforme ARM a 32 e 64 bit nelle loro varie sfaccettature in termini di rappresentazione. Ma passiamo al sistema operativo in sé: la prima cosa che balza all’occhio è senza dubbio il nuovo tema grafico che prende il nome di Homeworld, creato dalla designer Juliette Taka. Questo tema caratterizzato da forme geometriche e tonalità di blu scuro è ispirato al movimento Bauhaus dei primi anni del ventesimo secolo. Questa veste grafica non la ritroveremo solo all’interno del nostro desktop environment, ma anche durante il processo di installazione e nel menu di avvio di GRUB. Dal punto di vista tecnologico, finalmente il Kernel si aggiorna dalla major release 4 alla 5. Più nel dettaglio, si passa dalla versione 4.19 di Buster alla 5.10 di Bullseye, estendendo di conseguenza il supporto a componenti hardware più recenti e migliorando la stabilità generale del Linux kernel, grazie alla risoluzione di bug e all’introduzione di sempre nuove features. Il supporto nativo ad exFAT senza passare per FUSE è una delle conseguenze dell’upgrade a questo nuovo kernel. A differenza di altre distribuzioni, Debian è di per sé una LTS, ragion per cui gli upgrade del kernel tendono ad arrivare più lentamente, prediligendo la stabilità alle novità. Per quanto riguarda invece i pacchetti base, circa la metà dei presenti in Buster ha subito un aggiornamento, oltre che ad arricchirsi di ulteriori nuovi prodotti, arrivando a contare circa 58000 elementi. Alcuni pacchetti sono delle vere e proprie novità, altri elementi erano già presenti in Buster, mentre altri sono stati rimossi. I principali aggiornamenti riguardano la lineup di LibreOffice aggiornata alla versione 7.0, la suite di Calligra che passa alla versione 3.2 e GIMP alla versione 2.10.22. Per quanto concerne i browser, è da segnalare l’upgrade a Firefox-ESR alla versione 78.12 e Chromium alla 90.0 Dal punto di vista degli sviluppatori, le novità da segnalare riguardano Python aggiornato alla versione 3.9.2, Samba alla 4.13, MariaDB alla versione 10.5, PHP alla 7.4 ed Nginx alla 1.18. Lato desktop environment, volendo premiare la stabilità, gli sviluppatori hanno scelto di non passare direttamente a GNOME 40, fermandosi uno step prima alla release 3.38, nonostante altre distro come Ubuntu e Fedora abbiano già eseguito il salto alla nuova major release. Per chi invece non gradisse particolarmente GNOME, è possibile installare altri desktop environment come XFCE alla versione 4.16, LXDE alla versione 11, LXQt alla 0.16, MATE alle 1.24 e KDE Plasma alla versione 5.20. Anche il pacchetto di utility di stampanti e scanner ha subito forti migliorie: stiamo parlando degli strumenti CUPS e SANE, che per far fronte alle novità del mercato hanno dovuto ricevere importanti aggiornamenti prettamente dal punto di vista tecnologico. Fino a poco tempo fa era facile imbattersi in conflitti di ogni tipo sul fronte periferiche: mouse e tastiere che interferiscono con i driver della stampante, scanner che non ne volevano sapere di scannerizzare e chi più ne ha più ne metta. Dal punto di vista della sicurezza, Debian 11 sostituisce l’algoritmo di cifratura standard per le password con il più recente yescrypt. È bene quindi tenere a mente che questo passaggio potrebbe causare qualche problemino a coloro che eseguiranno l’upgrade da Debian 10 a Bullseye. Ad ogni modo nulla di invalicabile, la documentazione di Debian è già aggiornata con le istruzioni per sistemare eventuali problematiche.

Debian ч46. Cборка Debian10.8Xfce_amd64-Dark_mini.


Представляю еще одну сборку Debian10.8Xfce_amd64_Dark_mini со встроенным скриптом softinstall. Сборка содержит минимальный набор программ, а скрипт Softinstall позволяет быстро доустановить желаемый набор программ. В результате каждый пользователь может быстро скомпоновать Debian в том объеме, какой ему требуется. Установка сборки проводится программой Systemback. Ссылки, где можно скачать эту и другие сборки Debian. на Яндекс диске: 🤍 на googledrive: 🤍 на Mega: 🤍 Ссылки на остальные сборки и пакеты настроек на странице моего сайта: 🤍 Посильная помощь каналу. Юmoney (Яндекс деньги) - 🤍 Карта Сбербанка - На странице сайта 🤍



Dans cette vidéo, on va mettre en place pas à pas une machine virtuelle (VM) qui tourne sous debian 10 buster, AVEC LES ADDITIONS INVITÉS BASES DU TERMINAL : 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ RÉSUMÉ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ On va ensemble créer une machine virtuelle avec pour système d'exploitation debian. On verra comment installer un système Linux avec VirtualBox, selon une méthode efficace. Quand on installe une machine virtuelle, il faut penser à bien installer les additions invités pour bien intégrer la machine virtuelle à la machine hôte. Ici, on va installer #debian sur une machine virtuelle #VirtualBox ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Sommaire ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 00:29 : Comment installer VirtualBox 01:35 : Comment installer Debian 02:26 : Comment créer une machine virtuelle 04:31 : Début de l'installation 05:43 : Gérer les partitions de disque dur sous Linux 07:20 : Qu'est ce que la mémoire swap 08:26 : La gestion de paquets 09:01 : Qu'est ce qu'un miroir 09:55 : Télécharger Linux 10:10 : Choisir son environnement de bureau 11:03 : Installer GRUB 12:26 : Devenir administrateur de la machine 13:43 : Installer le CD des additions invités 17:33 : Conclusion

Debian 8 “Jessie” RC1 amd64. KDE Desktop.


Debian 8 "Jessie" RC1 amd64. KDE Desktop 🤍 WHAT is Debian? The Debian Project is an association of individuals who have made common cause to create a free operating system. This operating system that we have created is called Debian. An operating system is the set of basic programs and utilities that make your computer run. At the core of an operating system is the kernel. The kernel is the most fundamental program on the computer and does all the basic housekeeping and lets you start other programs. Debian systems currently use the Linux kernel or the FreeBSD kernel. Linux is a piece of software started by Linus Torvalds and supported by thousands of programmers worldwide. FreeBSD is an operating system including a kernel and other software. However, work is in progress to provide Debian for other kernels, primarily for the Hurd. The Hurd is a collection of servers that run on top of a microkernel (such as Mach) to implement different features. The Hurd is free software produced by the GNU project. A large part of the basic tools that fill out the operating system come from the GNU project; hence the names: GNU/Linux, GNU/kFreeBSD, and GNU/Hurd. These tools are also free. Of course, the thing that people want is application software: programs to help them get what they want to do done, from editing documents to running a business to playing games to writing more software. Debian comes with over 37500 packages (precompiled software that is bundled up in a nice format for easy installation on your machine), a package manager (APT), and other utilities that make it possible to manage thousands of packages on thousands of computers as easily as installing a single application. All of it free. It's a bit like a tower. At the base is the kernel. On top of that are all the basic tools. Next is all the software that you run on the computer. At the top of the tower is Debian — carefully organizing and fitting everything so it all works together. WAS ist Debian? Das Debian-Projekt ist ein Zusammenschluss von Einzelpersonen, die gemeinschaftlich ein freies Betriebssystem entwickeln. Dieses Betriebssystem, das wir entwickelt haben, wird Debian genannt. Ein Betriebssystem ist eine Menge von grundlegenden Programmen, die Ihr Rechner zum Arbeiten benötigt. Der wichtigste Teil eines Betriebssystems ist der Kernel. Der Kernel ist das Programm, das für alle Basisaufgaben und das Starten von anderen Programmen zuständig ist. Debian-Systeme verwenden im Augenblick den Linux- oder den FreeBSD-Kernel. Linux ist ein von Linus Torvalds begonnenes Stück Software, das von tausenden Programmierern weltweit unterstützt wird. FreeBSD ist ein Betriebssystem, das einen Kernel sowie weitere Software enthält. Es ist jedoch Arbeit im Gange, Debian mit anderen Kernel anzubieten, hauptsächlich für den Hurd. Der Hurd ist eine Sammlung von Servern, die auf einem Mikro-Kernel laufen (wie Mach) und verschiedene Funktionalitäten implementieren. Der Hurd ist Freie Software entwickelt vom GNU-Projekt. Ein großer Teil der grundlegenden Werkzeuge, die das Betriebssystem ausmachen, stammt vom GNU-Projekt; daher die Namen GNU/Linux, GNU/kFreeBSD und GNU/Hurd. Diese Werkzeuge sind ebenfalls frei. Was Benutzer benötigen, sind natürlich Anwendungsprogramme: Programme, die ihnen helfen, das zu erledigen, was sie erreichen möchten, von der Bearbeitung von Dokumenten über Business-Software und Spiele bis hin zur Entwicklung weiterer Software. Debian besteht aus mehr als 37500 Paketen (vorkompilierte Software, die in einem praktischen Format für eine einfache Installation auf Ihrem Rechner zusammengestellt ist), einem Paketmanager (APT) und weiteren Werkzeugen, die die Verwaltung tausender Pakete auf tausenden Rechnern so einfach machen wie die Installation eines einzigen Programms. Und das alles völlig frei. Es ist wie bei einem Turm. Ganz unten ist der Kernel. Darüber kommen alle grundlegenden Programme. Als Nächstes folgen die Anwendungen, die Sie auf Ihrem Computer verwenden. An der Spitze des Turms befindet sich Debian – Debian organisiert und passt alles sorgfältig an, so dass alles gut zusammenarbeitet.

Add 32 bit Support for 64 bit Systems Ubuntu/Debian


In this video I show you how to add 32 bit support on a 64 bit Ubuntu system. This tutorial is applicable for Ubuntu releases 13.10 and greater. Appreciate what I do? Grab me a coffee! 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Google+: IRC: Freenode #YouTubeLou Blogger: 🤍 Steam: IDIefiant

Debian.ч38/2. Сборка Debian10.3Dark_KDE-64bit(efi).


Представляю сборку Debian10.3Dark_KDE-64bit оптимизированную для установки на UEFI компьютеры. 00:15 Запуск сборки в live режиме. 04:08 Немного о программе AIO Boot. 04:59 Установка сборки. 11:06 Некоторые настройки после установки. Если есть необходимость установить эту сборку на компьютер BIOS (Legasy) с разметкой mbr, то инструкцию по установке можно посмотреть здесь 🤍 Скачать сборку Debian10.3Dark_KDE-64bit: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Ссылки на остальные сборки и пакеты настроек на странице моего сайта: 🤍  Посильная помощь каналу. Юmoney (Яндекс деньги) - 🤍 Карта Сбербанка - На странице сайта 🤍

How to Install Debian Linux on VirtualBox in Windows | Beginners Guide


How to Install Debian 11 Linux in VirtualBox on Windows 10 / 11 a 2021 Tutorial. We'll run through the steps to Install Debian 11 Linux Bullseye in VirtualBox on Windows 10 / 11. This Debian Linux Install on VirtualBox is intended for beginners. The guide will show you How to Install Debian Linux on VirtualBox. Install and Try Debian Linux for the first time today. Debian is great and many other distributions are based off of it. Debian is totally free and the community focuses on stability making it one of the most reliable Linux distributions out there. Debian is also tailored for intermediate to advanced users and is great for using as a server or firewall setup. Debian mainly covers the middle ground where the barriers of entry are large enough that some newer users will steer away from this distribution, but the vast documentation and helpful community should be a reason that newer users decide to go with Debian. It's great for learning and expanding your knowledge about operating systems. My Linux Cheat Sheet and 25 Page Checklist here: 📚 🤍 My Must Haves that I use Daily: Wacom Tablet - 🤍 Mini Keyboard - 🤍 Mouse - 🤍 Pentesting Book - 🤍 How Linux Works - 🤍 (I may receive a small commission for above links, Thanks!) Want more info/content? 🤍 Useful Links/Commands: Debian Website - 🤍 Discord Link - 🤍 Daily Driver [First Update] - 🤍 PopOS! Is It Great? - 🤍 DWM w/ Arch Swallows Patch - 🤍 #linux #debian #distro

How to download and install Debian 11 on VirtualBox


#VirtualBox #Debian #Debian11 In this video we will see How to download and install Debian 11 on VirtualBox step by step procedure. Go through below video to download install VirtualBox step by step. 🤍

Debian ч43. Cборка Debian10.6Dark_amd64_xfce+nonfree.


Представляю новую сборку Debian10.6Dark_amd64_xfce+nonfree. Данная сборка собрана на основе образа Debian с интегрированными пакетами nonfree, а так же в состав сборки входят скрипты позволяющие до-настроить и легко установить дополнительные программы после установки сборки на компьютер. 00:03 Кратко о сборке. 03:02 Варианты установки. 04:08 Запуск в live режиме и об установке инсталятором Calamares. 09:52 Об установке стандартным инсталятором Debian. 13:42 Настройка после установки. Запуск скриптов. Хэш сумма сборки: md5 f77209a76a5ff6fea221b2b609a1e788 Ссылки, где можно скачать эту и другие сборки Debian. на Яндекс диске: 🤍 на googledrive: 🤍 на Mega: 🤍 Посильная помощь каналу. Юmoney (Яндекс деньги) - 🤍 Карта Сбербанка - На странице сайта 🤍

Como Baixar E Instalar A Distro Linux Debian


Me ajude comprando uma camiseta personalizada de Tecnologia, T.I, Geek e Nerd. Click no link e saiba mais. 🤍 Ou compre pela Shopee 🤍 Link Para Baixar o Debian 🤍 Compartilhe Esse Vídeo. 🤍 Fala gurizada blz? no vídeo de hoje vou ensinar o passo a passo para fazer a instalação da distribuição Debian. Aproveite. Curta e Se inscreva no canal. Vídeos Recomendados. Como Fazer Pendrive Bootavel Com Varios Sistemas - No Windows 🤍 Como Fazer Pendrive Bootavel Com Varios Sistemas - No Linux 🤍 Como Particionar Corretamente o HD Para Instalar o Linux 🤍 Como Instalar O Linux Ao Lado do Windows 10 🤍 Como Baixar E Instalar A Distro Linux Debian #lhinformatica #debian #linux #dicas #tecnologias #inovacao #tutoriais #cursosgratis #TI #programacao

Como instalar debian junto a windows 10, 32-64bits -sin morir en el intento- guia completa


-descripcion del video jhonatan castañeta. como instalar debian 32bits sin morir en el intento 2020. instalar debian 32 bits junto a windows 10 2020. vale la pena hoy windows 10 32bits ? 2020. dale una seguna vida a tu equipo de 32bits 2020. frente a la crisis que se avecina no es mala idea reciclar tu viejo equipo 2020. debian 64 bits. windows 64 bits. enlaces utiles: official web rufus: 🤍 official web debian download 32bits: 🤍 official web debian download 64bits : 🤍 enlace alternativo 32 y 64 bits: 🤍 estado del soporte en debian: 🤍

How to Install Debian 10 Buster on VMware Workstation 15 | SYSNETTECH Solutions


This video shows you the steps to install Debian 10 Buster on VMware Workstation 15 Pro installed on Windows 10. ✅ S U B S C R I B E ► 🤍 ✅ Article ► 🤍 ✅ This video tutorial has been updated: 🤍 ───────────────RELATED VIDEOS─────────────── ➊ How to Install Kali Linux ➦ 🤍 ➋ How to Install Linux Mint ➦ 🤍 ➌ How to Install openSUSE ➦ 🤍 ➍ How to Install Ubuntu ➦ 🤍 ➎ How to Install Debian ➦ 🤍 ───────────────FOLLOW US─────────────────── ✔ Facebook ➦ 🤍 ✔ Twitter ➦ 🤍 ✔ Pinterest ➦ 🤍 ✔ Instagram ➦ 🤍 ✔ LinkedIn ➦ 🤍 ███████████████████████████████████████████

Debian Phosh on the Pine64 PinePhone


Quick video showing the boot time for Debian Phosh on the Pine64 PinePhone.

Minecraft on debian x64 - How to


A brief tutorial on how to get minecraft running on debian 64bit, I also cover how to create a ramdisk to load minecraft to so your game runs as smooth as can be. Link to java 7 : 🤍 Link to lwjgl : 🤍 Remember to drag that download from the folder "Downloads" into your home folder! commands shown in video : 🤍 script for launching minecraft: 🤍 script for restoring minecraft: 🤍 script for backing up minecraft: 🤍 contents for .bash_aliases file: 🤍

Debian ч64. Создание своей сборки Debian (Refracta).


Рассмотрим вариант создания сборки дистрибутива Debian с помощью программы Refracta. Прямая ссылка на архив с установочными deb пакетами программы Refracta с русифицированным интерфейсом - 🤍 Ссылки на все сборки и пакеты настроек на странице сайта: 🤍 Ссылка на дубль-канал на Rutube - 🤍 Посильная помощь каналу. Юmoney (Яндекс деньги) - 🤍 Карта Сбербанка - На странице сайта 🤍

Debian "non-free" ISO install


How to install the non-free ISO version. Link to the Debian unofficial alternative build with non-free firmware page - 🤍 This link is for 32 bit versions - 🤍

Linux для начинающих: debian-live-11.0.0-amd64-lxde., calamares., установка, беглый осмотр, глюк.


Здравствуйте. В прошлый раз устанавливал Debian 10 с livecd при помощи кальмара(calamares) и было пару глюков, решил посмотреть как обстоят с этим дела в Debian 11... В Debian 12 смотреть не буду. После появления жёлтого ! восклицательного знака будет "бип" - слова не ласковые приглушаю. Телеграм: 🤍

Install Debian 8 Jessie RC1 amd64. GNOME 3.14.1 Desktop.


Install Debian 8 Jessie RC1 amd64. GNOME 3.14.1 Desktop. Debian is a Linux distribution that is composed primarily of free and open-source software, most of which is under the GNU General Public License, and packaged by a group of individuals known as the Debian project. At each point in time the Debian project offers three branches named "stable", "testing" and "unstable". The Debian Stable distribution is one of the most popular for personal computers and network servers, and has been used as a base for several other Linux distributions. Debian was first announced in 1993 by Ian Murdock, and the first stable release was made in 1996. The development is carried out over the Internet by a team of volunteers guided by a project leader and three foundational documents. New distributions are updated continually, and the next candidate is released after a time-based freeze. As one of the earliest Linux distributions, it was envisioned that Debian was to be developed openly in the spirit of Linux and GNU. This vision drew the attention and support of the Free Software Foundation, which sponsored the project for the first part of its life. - Debian o Proyecto Debian1 (en inglés: Debian Project2 ) es una comunidad conformada por desarrolladores y usuarios, que mantiene un sistema operativo GNU basado en software libre. El sistema se encuentra precompilado, empaquetado y en un formato deb para múltiples arquitecturas de computador y para varios núcleos. Nació como una apuesta por separar en sus versiones el software libre del software no libre. El modelo de desarrollo del proyecto es ajeno a motivos empresariales o comerciales, siendo llevado adelante por los propios usuarios, aunque cuenta con el apoyo de varias empresas en forma de infraestructuras. Debian no vende directamente su software, lo pone a disposición de cualquiera en Internet, aunque sí permite a personas o empresas distribuirlo comercialmente mientras se respete su licencia. La comunidad de desarrolladores del proyecto cuenta con la representación de Software in the Public Interest (del inglés, "software de interés público"), una organización sin ánimo de lucro que da cobertura legal a varios proyectos de software libre, con el objetivo inicial de dar cobertura legal al proyecto Debian, tras el fin del patrocinio de la FSF (Free Software Foundation). La primera adaptación del sistema Debian, siendo también la más desarrollada, es Debian GNU/Linux, basada en el núcleo Linux, y como siempre utilizando herramientas de GNU. Existen también otras adaptaciones con diversos núcleos: Hurd (Debian GNU/Hurd); NetBSD (Debian GNU/NetBSD) y FreeBSD (Debian GNU/kFreeBSD). - Debian est une organisation communautaire et démocratique, dont le but est le développement de systèmes d'exploitation basés exclusivement sur des logiciels libres. Chaque système, lui-même nommé Debian, réunit autour d'un noyau de système d'exploitation de nombreux éléments pouvant être développés indépendamment les uns des autres, pour plusieurs architectures matérielles. Ces éléments, programmes de base complétant le noyau et logiciels applicatifs, se présentent sous forme de « paquets » qui peuvent être installés en fonction des besoins (paragraphe Distribution des logiciels). L'ensemble système d'exploitation plus logiciels s'appelle une distribution. On assimile généralement ces systèmes d'exploitation au système Debian GNU/Linux, la distribution GNU/Linux de Debian, car jusqu'en 2009 c'était la seule branche parfaitement fonctionnelle. Mais d'autres distributions Debian sont en cours de développement en 2013 : Debian GNU/Hurd1, et Debian GNU/kFreeBSD3. La version Debian « Squeeze » est la première à être distribuée avec le noyau kFreeBSD en plus du noyau Linux4. Debian est utilisée comme base de nombreuses autres distributions comme Knoppix ou Ubuntu qui rencontrent un grand succès.

Tutorial Install Debian 10 64bit VirtualBox#1


Assalamualaikum Kembali lagi di channel ini. Kali ini saya akan berbagi pengetahuan tentang bagaimana sih cara install Debian 10 pada VirtualBox Video ini adalah video pertama tentang tutorial Debian Akan ada video lainnya tentang Debian selanjutnya Maka jangan lupa: LIKE COMENT & SUBCRIBE Agar saya lebih bersemangan membuat konten dan video Follow juga instagram saya: 🤍rifqiindra_7 Donate Gopay 08177264445

How to install Debian(32 or 64 bits) in VirtualBox


In this video, we will see how to install a Debian 10 operating system in VirtualBox. See you in the next video.

Debian 9 (Stretch) | amd64 | i386 | GNOME | Custom desktop theme


This is my first video about my lovely linux desktop Gnome. Here I am using Debian 9 (stretch) with GNOME 3.22.2 as my desktop choice. Custom theme and icons download link [Updated link] 🤍 And make sure you press "Ctrl + H" inside the folder after you unzip it, because folders are hidden by default. Music Eminem - Killshot

Tutorial Install Debian 10 64 Bit Di Oracle VM Virtual Box ( + Link Download )


Assalamu'alaikum Perkenalkan saya Bilal Abdul Azis dari kelas XI TKJ 2 Sebagai salah satu anggota kelompok 3, hari ini saya akan mengasih tutorial install Debian 10 di Oracle VM Virtual Box, kalo ada yang kurang mengerti bisa hubungi social media saya di bawah ini! Instagram : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 Kelompok 3 : 1. Bilal Abdul Azis 2. Heri Irawan 3. Ryan Nanda 4. Raras Noviana Putri 5. Riris Noviana Putri 6. Maryani Link Bahan : 1.Oracle VM Virtual Box : 🤍 2. Debian 10 : 🤍

Novo Loc-OS Linux Xfce Debian 64 bit - O Ressuscitador de PCs. Ultra Rápido, Estável e Levissimo.


Confira neste vídeo a nova versão do Linux Loc-OS. Debian Xfce 64 bit. Distro projetada para PCs mais antigos. Desempenho Excelente. Muito leve, Responsivo e Rápido. Ideal para computadores mais modestos de baixos recursos. Loc-OS: 🤍 Canal no Youtube: Locos por Linux: 🤍LocosporLinux 🤍 #LinuxLeve #LinuxParaPCFraco #LinuxFacilDeUsar

How to install skype on Debian 8 Gnome 64-bit


Commands used in this video: # dpkg add-architecture i386 # apt update # wget -O skype.deb 🤍 # dpkg -i skype.deb # apt -f install CHECK OUT OUR OTHER YOUTUBE CHANNEL "Distros" -|- Distros CHANNEL: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & SHARE for more Tutorials: -|- YOUTUBE: 🤍 CONTACT: -|- For business inquiries: aminetechchannel🤍

Como instalar o Debian - Tutorial passo a passo


Vamos conhecer agora um dos melhores sistemas operacionais do mundo, o Debian GNU/Linux. Hoje você vai aprender a instalar o sistema e conhecer um pouco melhor como ele funciona. Como baixar o Debian: 🤍 Como instalar o Ubuntu: 🤍 32 ou 64 bits? Qual utilizar?: 🤍 Aprenda a usar o Synaptic: 🤍 PPA para Debian (Gambiarra): 🤍 Instale o Ubuntu Minimal:🤍 Acesse a nossa loja: 🤍 Seja nosso Padrinho: 🤍 Anuncie no Diolinux: 🤍 - Acesse o site: 🤍 - Facebook: 🤍 - Twitter: 🤍 - Google Plus: 🤍 - Android App: 🤍 - Assine o nosso Feed:🤍 - Diolinux na Google Play Banca: 🤍 Contato:blogdiolinux🤍

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